Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just wondering

how many dead american celebrities does it take to de-rail an iranian revolution?

Monday, June 29, 2009

very superstitious

it's impossible to make wishes if you have no idea what you want.

the chamomile tea isn't settling a damn thing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

being poor is pretty awesome sometimes

i'm not applying for the job. i know what conventional wisdom, my mom and chelsea's mom (Hi Cheryl!) would say. but it feels wrong and therefore it is. i'm not willing to ignore the fact that bayer is an evil company for the sake of security or material comfort. i will admit to there being a certain amount of privilege involved in me being able to say that since i really don't have anything to lose. i believe that most of the people around me would make the same decision if they felt like they had a choice. i'm lucky enough to be able to say no. i know we're all supposed to just do what we need to, brave unhappiness and otherwise icky feelings to maintain our credit ratings or whatever. i'm not willing to accept those as acceptable justifications for being a part of something i know is wrong.

i'm going to lose this job at some point and i am totally ok with that. i'm going to get out of the pharmaceutical industry and never look back. an argument could be made that they save lives. a lot of the time they do. but they don't do it for free. matter of fact they will drain you of everything you have for the privilege of continuing to live. and even if you accept that they save lives, ignoring the rabid capitalism, you also have to accept the fact that many of them have killed people. numerous companies, including bayer have knowingly put people at risk of death, covered up the risk and maximized profits while delaying regulatory intervention. it's kind of a pattern within the industry.

our society operates on the principle of division of labor. from a pragmatic standpoint ultimately there need to be people working to make drugs. i'll concede that. i just don't want to be one of them anymore.

this feels pretty sweet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

being an adult

is dumb

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

icing on the cake

i think the only thing that could make my life better than it is right now would be to lose my job.

one can hope.

Monday, June 22, 2009

bullet points feel better when they come out of a gun

  • today was the first time when extra value detracted me from making a purchase. they were even on sale. but something about getting the 20% extra that i didn't want dissuaded me.
  • there's an opening in my house. interested? http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/roo/1231156754.html
  • solstice summary: tons of nakedness, 2 bottles of $4 wine, 2 tecate tallboys, 1 hottub, 3 shirtless party crashers, 4 underage girls, an untold number of stolen beers, a non-descript amount of canadian whiskey, 1 neil diamond cover band, 1 drunken nap at gas works, $18 in fried fair food. brought my camera but forgot my memory card and battery (you'll have to live with cameraphone pictures). all in all a wonderful day full of wonderful people just doing their thing. summer has arrived bitches.

yes, those people are naked.

note the bottle of wine.

again with the wine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wait a second, you're drinking again?

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: why didn't you warn me that Terminator sucked!

Pony Carl: I didn't think it sucked. It just wasn't that great.

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: I dunno 'bout that. We were drinking and I thought that would have made it better, but no. Christian bale thought he was batman and the cg naked Arnold... come on! Crikey, crikey!

Pony Carl: Point taken. It sucked.

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: are you going to CNight tonight

Pony Carl: Probably not.

Pony Carl: Meeting someone for coffee.

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: oh!?

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: I hope ____s there so I can yell at him

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: we're looking at his flickr and he was supposed to organize a rollerskating nighte

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: -e

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: that's not happened!

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: I think its because im a jew

Pony Carl: And you people thought they'd be no consequences to killing Christ

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: I never knew the price would be this high though

Fuzzy Zoeller's Enlarged Prostate: fml

Pony Carl: "not only did my people spill the blood of the lamb, but now I can't roller skate. fml."

Monday, June 15, 2009

too much pabst for one photo booth

(the other thing i did on saturday)

admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery

i literally spent the entire weekend playing magic.

i dropped $40 on new cards and my decks still aren't good enough.

this is becoming an issue.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

because indeed, it will be

hydrocortisone 1%

isn't the phrasing in the indication "for external genital, feminine and anal itching" redundant?

Friday, June 5, 2009

crisis of conscience

so i have this job. end of july i will have had this job for a year. i don't like this job. i've accepted that this is how i eat. i come to the suburbs, sit in my cube, waste the day, do a little science. that's how i put a roof over my head. do i wish i was doing something else? yes. whatever. i have what i have and it facilitates a life i rather enjoy.

it's not that i don't like the people i work with. i have almost nothing in common with a vast majority of them but they're all decent people. i have a problem with the company we work for. it really is a giant multi-national horror show when it comes to how it treats it's employees and it's customers (patients) for that matter.

today i found out that there is going to be a permanent position available to me. i have to compete with the other 2 temps for it but it's there. for months after i started here i complained and complained about wanting a permanent position. but now that it's here, i really don't want to apply for it.

conventional wisdom would tell me to just apply. it will provide stability and benefits and i can get a new job when the market improves. but i really think i just don't want it. forget the fact that the industry i'm in as a whole is not aligned with my values. i can be absolutely sure the COMPANY is antithetical to my values.

applying for this position feels like selling out. i should know because i've done plenty of it and i know that in the end it just leaves you feeling empty. what good is stability if you don't want to look at yourself in the mirror? something about this just plain feels wrong.

fill it in

does anyone remember the fox show "when animals attack"?

here are my ideas for new clip compilation shows
when ______ attack
  • the tacos you ate for lunch (hosted by carlos mencia)
  • shitty scenesters verbally (hosted by that guy at the show)
  • hawaiian shirt fridays (hosted by that douchebag you work with)
  • the harsh harsh rays of the sun (hosted by edgar winter)
  • the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (hosted by andy dick)
  • 1-1/2 pounds of dried dates (hosted by that girl from 'my big fat greek wedding')
  • pancakes (hosted by anthony bourdain)
  • fred phelps (hosted by perez hilton)
  • unwanted facebook friend requests (hosted by passive aggression)